Miley Jo Calderone (lenne_de_reuck) wrote in female_muscle,
Miley Jo Calderone

Recovery from blood loss

I need some advice on how to quickly and effectively recover from a significant blood loss. This Saturday I went to the emergency room because my usual heavy period turned scary and I ended up losing just under 2 pints of blood (rather than the standard 1/4 to 1 whole cup). Unfortunately, the doctors I was seeing are not really hip to athlete's needs and would only offer "weeks of bed rest" and "iron supplements" as advice. I was told it takes about a month to replace the red blood cells in a pint of blood, so I can understand taking it easy for a while, but complete bed rest seems excessive, not to mention impractical--I have twin 6 year old daughters and can't parent well from bed!

How would you adjust your training for something like this? I don't want to lose progress, but I do want to come back top speed ASAP. I am anemic and have started taking iron supplements, and exercise thusly:

Cardio = Capoeira training, 1.5-2 hrs, 4x a week
Afro-Brazilian dance, 1.5 hr, 1x a week

Weights = 1 hr, 4x a week
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